PR Distribution

Members of the Automotive Advertising Network can leverage content marketing and press releases using our PR Publishing Network.  Members can post press releases on local, regional and national automotive websites according to what would be most appropriate for the press release message.

Automotive Press Releases

Member dealers who have an active PR and blogging program already understand the power that press release publishing can offer a local dealer to have greater exposure for their branding efforts.  When you post press releases on the AAN, you can also ask for coaching  on SEO targeting your press release titles and descriptions. Members gte the training they need to achieve your marketing goals through effective press release writing.

If you don’t have someone to write press releases, members can utilize our network of certified press release writer’s who can create content on a monthly basis for your dealership.

Press releases expand your digital marketing visibility by:

  • Adding offsite content to add to google index
  • Adding external links backs to your website
  • Feeding news portals and blog that look for automotive news