The Automotive Advertising Network, created by industry veterans Brian Pasch, Sean Wolfington and David Boice, help dealers generate more leads for less cost. The member dealers are using their collective power to compete with third-party lead providers who historically have had a big advantage on search engines because of their national footprint and corresponding search authority.

“The network’s advertising technology gives member dealers broader exposure for their new and used inventory online by helping them appear where customers start their shopping process — search engines and social media Web sites like Facebook”, said Pasch.

“It is very difficult for dealers to come up on top of the search engines for these phrases because there are many lead providers competing for the same 10 results on the first-page,” explained Wolfington.

Brian Benstock, GM of Paragon Honda/Acura, the #1 selling Honda/Acura dealer in the world.

“Many third-party lead providers sell the same leads to multiple dealers and this hurts the closing ratio and average gross profit because many dealers are chasing the same lead. The network has the national and regional search authority so our vehicles appear on top of the results in our market.

“The network gives us exclusive leads that are not sold to other dealers so the closing ratio is a lot higher.”

Jon Sherrell, Internet Director at the Rairdon Group

“All of our vehicles that are listed on the network link back to our dealership website so our website gets more traffic and relevance on search engines because we inherit the search authority of the network.”

Alex Snyder from Checkered Flag Toyota

“We have a smart strategy to optimize our own web site to appear on top for local searches, but the network helps us reach people who type in the more popular national and regional search phrases like ‘Toyota Recall Virginia’”.

“The network also fuels our off-site SEO strategy which helps my dealership websites rank higher for popular search phrases in our market because of the relevant back-links the network provides.”

The Automotive Advertising Network gives local dealers a national, regional and local footprint to increase their authority so they appear ahead of third-party lead providers for popular national and regional search phrases.  “Dealers prefer leads that are not sold to multiple dealers because they generate better returns”, said David Boice. “