“The Automotive Advertising Network is our best new source of leads because they have a high closing ratio and are inexpensive because we pay a flat fee no matter how many leads we receive”

Jon Sherrell, Internet Director at the Rairdon Group in Washington State

As the VP of Customer Service at the Automotive Advertising Network I’d like to encourage dealers searching the web for automotive advertising solutions to consider the services we offer. The Automotive Advertising Network is a comprehensive digital marketing platform that utilizes best practices in Search Engine Optimization, inventory advertising, social media and content publishing.

The AAN architecture provides car dealers a new strategy to increase:

  • direct website traffic
  • visibility for your cars
  • consumer sales leads
  • brand awareness
  • social media exposure
  • Add your inventory to Facebook
  • Add your inventory to any blogging platform

Car dealers who are not getting the ROI from other inventory advertising platforms and seek to increase their market share for the cars they sell, should contact Elvis Arias for a demo on our complete set of marketing tools and digital strategies.

Dealers can call 201-688-7170 for a free consultation.

For a low monthly membership fee, member dealers are provided with the following automotive advertising services:

  • Automated advertising for their car inventory on national, regional and local automotive shopping websites. This increases the opportunity that member cars will be matched to an exact consumer search in their local market.
  • Unlimited use of the AAN press release network to advertise their sales, promotions and community events. Press releases connect your branding message to hundreds of news feeds and readers, thus extending your marketing reach.
  • Integrated inventory advertising on business Facebook page. Your fans can shop your in‐stock inventory and ask for a price without leaving the comfort of the largest social network in the world.
  • Seamless display of car listings or detail pages on dealership blogs and social networks. Blog posts come alive with live inventory and car pricing information direct from your inventory.
  • Unlimited banner advertising on regional automotive websites in the network. Members can upload display advertising to local automotive websites in the network each month; included in their membership fee.
  • Unlimited inbound links to the member’s primary dealership website which increases their search authority and Google Page One ranking.
Automotive Advertising that Works for Dealers

Ever since consumers started using the Internet to find product pricing and information on cars, third party lead providers have outperformed car dealers in reaching local consumers on the Internet. Third party lead providers have been successful in getting their websites in front of consumers searching on the Internet and collecting their information and car buying preferences.

In recent years, lead collectors have branched into the car inventory advertising business.  Some of these models are free and others are paid services.  Car dealers were not fully told what would happen when they gave their inventory to these national websites to advertise.  They were told that it was good for their business and they believed that.

Once third party websites collect consumer information, these leads are then sold to multiple car dealers.  The lead distribution process negatively affects the closing ratio of third party leads because multiple dealers are competing at the same time for the buyer’s attention.

As dealers have realized that their own websites are being pushed off Google Page One for popular searches, some to increase the visibility of the cars they sell on national websites like CarDealerSale.com , in addition to regional and local websites customized for their PMA.